In Person Befriending

Our Volunteer befrienders will visit or help befriendees undertake social activities that they enjoy but may find difficult to do on their own, such as shopping, going out for a coffee or simply popping round for a chat.

A Friendly Face

Volunteer Befrienders

Our Befrienders are just ordinary people, who are happy to share some time each week with a Befriendee. Learning to enjoy each other’s company, the volunteers talk to, go out with and meet up with their Befriendees. In other words, be a ‘friend’.

Volunteers do not:

  • accept gifts
  • do household chores
  • provide personal care
  • do shopping (although befrienders may be happy to accompany clients to the shops).

Each individual (volunteer and Befriendee) is responsible for their own expenses (tea, meals etc). TRIP do pay mileage expenses. 

All of our Volunteer Befrienders are trained and DBS checked.


If you would like any further information, please contact us by phone (01404 46529) or email [email protected]

How It Works

  •  Initial contact is made by a self-referral or by a referral from a family member. In some cases, a referral may be made by a professional. It is important to note that the client’s consent must be given for a referral to be made. 
  • The TRIP Befriending Coordinator arranges to visit and discuss the client’s needs. 
  • They will also visit a second time to introduce a suitable volunteer befriender to the new client. Further visits will be arranged as necessary. 
  • Following this initial introduction TRIP will speak with both the client and the volunteer to ensure that they are both happy with the introduction.
  • If both are happy to proceed, regular visits  will be arranged either directly or via TRIP if preferred.
  • We try very hard to introduce people with similar interests.
  • Our TRIP Befriending Coordinator, Wendy, is just a phone call or an email away for support.