Time for You

About Time for You

Carefully matching volunteer with service user, to provide support for people facing the challenge of caring for a family member or friend who is ill, frail or cannot be left at home on their own. This service allows carers to take some much-needed ‘time out’ for a couple of hours to ‘recharge the batteries’. For the Honiton area only, a new service for unpaid carers of adults: If you want to use this service, then contact us at TRIP and tell us your sitting requirements and we will match one of our volunteers with your loved one. The volunteer will come and sit with your loved one whilst you take a break. Whilst the volunteer provides company, they are unable to provide personal care. The benefits of this service: You have a chance to get out to attend appointments or to just sit and have a coffee with friends or exercise – simply able to enjoy some “time for you”.