COVID-19 Service Status

Reduced Services

Updated 05/01/2021

Due to COVID restrictions, some of our services may by unavailable or have additional restrictions in place.

Due to current COVID restrictions we are running a reduced service. Currently the Wednesday and Friday shopping trips are still going ahead with increase precautions.

This service is still operating taking people to vital medical appointments. Increased precautions have been taken such as the cleaning of vehicles after each journey.

TRIP Wheels is still operating taking people on necessary trips with increased precautions.

TRIP equipment is still operating and our Honiton shop is open. We have increase precautions such as limiting the number of people in the shop at one time.

TRIP Mobility is still operating with increased precautions. 

TRIP Befriending is still operating with reduced service. Face-to-face Befriending has been suspended and temporarily replaced with phone Befriending. 

TRIP Communities Together is still operating with increased precautions.