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TRIP has spent many years caring for our local communities, helping to reduce loneliness and isolation. But we also recognise that for our community to be healthy, our environment also needs to be healthy. That is why TRIP is investing in a new 100% electric vehicle to add to our fleet. This new wheelchair accessible vehicle will replace one of our 17-year old vehicles providing not only a better experience for our passengers but also zero emissions.

We have already raised over £17000 but we need your help make Devon that little bit greener. Below you can make a donation towards our new green vehicle. For those who donate certain amounts, there are some lovely rewards available to show our appreciation.

** Update **

A massive thank you to all of our supporters who have helped us with this campaign. We are delighted to say that we have now reached our funding goal for the vehicle. If you would still like to help us, follow the link below to make a donation that helps us keep our doors open.

TRIP Press Team

TRIP Press Team

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