Stronger Communities Together SUpport Service


For the last 10 years, TRIP has supported the befriending service and will continue to do so.

During the pandemic TRIP became aware that some people needed extra support to enable them to remain healthier and at home for longer, and with extra enabling support they could maintain a daily lifestyle of their choosing.


The core service will be provided by paid staff, supported by volunteers.

Any charges for the service will cover the expenses of the paid member of staff, administration, volunteer expenses and training. As a charity, we are a non-profit organisation, and our focus is on keeping our costs as low as possible whilst keeping you safe and providing a highly skilled and supportive level of un-regulated care.

One-off new client administration fee of £25

Hourly rate of £16 per hour.

Mileage for running errands and client journeys will be charged at 45p per mile.

Some services which are purely volunteer lead may be charged at a lesser rate, this will be included in the initial discussions about your needs.


Phone: 01404 46529