A vital service ensuring everyone can get to their medical appointments

Door to door transport for medical appointments

This service is a door to door service provided by local volunteers and centred on Honiton, Seaton and Lyme Regis. People are collected from their homes and taken to medical appointments, either locally or further afield. Our volunteers will call round, provide a steadying arm if needed, and can help take the passenger to their appointments then come back later to take them back to the car and home again. A payment is needed for each journey and is based on the distance travelled.

This service is of vital importance to a lot of our clients as it enables people to attend their medical appointments that otherwise might be denied to them as they need the additional emotional or physical support provided by our drivers, or are unable to access appointments via public transport or are unable to afford any other method of transport.

People on certain benefits are able, on the day, to claim back transportation costs for attending appointments at regional hospitals.

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