TRIP Ring & Ride

Days out to local attractions

Local Attractions, accessible for all

Who can join?

Anyone can join for a small annual membership fee.

What does it cost?

The price of the journeys vary according to the distance.
Don’t forget that visits to some properties such as stately homes and gardens may also involve an entrance fee. This is marked on the publicity.

Are the destinations “disabled-friendly”?

We try to cater for all tastes in our breaks and days out. We can accommodate a number of rollator walkers on the minibus and mobility scooters can be taken (but must be pre-booked subject to space and only on our tail-lift vehicles).
Many places now have good DDA compliance but older houses can be difficult. Some of our destinations, especially in the West Country are hilly and villages such as Clovelly are, unfortunately, not at all suitable for those with impaired mobility.
Please check with the office before booking if you are in any doubt.


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To book one of our rides or to enquire about future destinations please phone the TRIP office on 01404 46529 or visit the contact us page.