Winter Group Friendship

A pilot project by TRIP, aiming to reduce isolation through day trips.

Nobody should feel isolated

During the winter months, isolation can become a big issue. That’s why TRIP is introducing a new pilot program, ‘Winter Group Friendship’ – A service for all ages, the project aims to combat isolation through a series of day trips. We hope that by combining access to peer company, a chance to laugh and share experiences along with a hot meal the winter months will not be as isolating as they once were. 

Planned dates: 12th Jan, 15th Jan, 26th Jan, 9th Feb, 12th Feb, 23rd  Feb, 11th March & 22nd of March. 

More dates to come. 

For more information about this scheme, contact us on 01404 46529 or use the information on the Contact Page.


TRIP Services are currently impacted by Coronavirus. Read more by following the link.